Distributed Systems Developer (Blockchain) – Intern

Start date: August/September 2019 (flexible)
Deadline for applications: 28th of June 2019
Role type: 12-month placement
Remuneration: £17,500 p/a
Location: Manchester, England

Role description

This role is a great opportunity to quickly jump into the world of professional software development. You will be part of a highly skilled team formed of former employees of Microsoft, Google and such likes. Our official partners include respected organisations, including Tim Berners-Lee founded Open Data Institute.

Our approach is to build your role around your interests rather than to change your interests to fit the role. As a startup we’re able to offer a wide range of challenges from developing new services and libraries to helping build new infrastructure and improving our continuous integration and deployment pipelines.

Even though knowledge of C# is desired, we’re keen to accept candidates with background in distributed systems using any object-oriented language.


At the end of 2018, Shout has received a strategic investment from a Hong Kong based investor, who has a portfolio of blockchain companies and a blockchain technology foundation based in Switzerland. This was a great addition to our distributed systems skillset, which already featured technologies such as Microservices.

Our goal is to introduce microtransactions to the platform using our investor’s sophisticated blockchain infrastructure, which is being actively developed by more than 100 engineers. The role involves Shout-specific software development, but also the creation of a general purpose open-source C# client SDK.

You will be able to gain a very detailed insight into the problem domain of distributed computing by working directly with Shout engineers and the engineering team of or investor.

Back-end: the big picture

Shout’s development started with the back-end infrastructure first, as this was the most critical and most challenging part of the product. We had a great opportunity to start from scratch and use “latest and greatest” technologies available at the time, and so we did. Our infrastructure is based on Microservices and Containers, and uses .NET Core – the most loved framework on Stack Overflow in 2019.

We’re very proud of our back-end and the way it is built. We have developed our own proprietary software layer for real-time geospatial operations, which enables us to cope with high number of very complex requests per second. From the way we represent the location data points in the database to the way we structure our microservices, advanced algorithmic logic and optimisations can be seen everywhere. All powered by ASP.NET Core, which is about to become the world’s fastest back-end framework.

Technology Stack we use

  • ASP.NET Core 2.2 for our Microservices
  • MongoDB 4.0 for persistent data storage
  • AWS for our infrastructure including:
    • SNS and SQS for asynchronous queue processing
    • S3 and CloudFront to host our websites
  • TeamCity and Docker as our continuous integration and deployment pipeline
  • React and TypeScript for our customer facing web portal
  • Xamarin for our iOS and Android apps

Essential skills and requirements

  • Portfolio of relevant extracurricular software projects.
  • Excellent knowledge of advanced object-oriented programming concepts in C# or Java.
  • Understanding of version control, preferably using Git.

Desired skills

  • Familiarity with MongoDB or a similar NoSQL database.
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud service providers
  • Fluency in UNIX command line
  • Docker

Extras and perks

  • Control over your role and real impact in the company.
  • Mentoring by a skilled team and a complete initial training.
  • Company-provided MacBook Pro and 28-inch 4K external display.
  • Young and friendly team who likes to travel and organises company trips.
  • City centre location within a creative co-working space.
  • Product discounts at Hatch retailers.

How to apply

Candidates are welcome to send their CVs together with links to examples from their professional portfolio to careers@shout-app.com. Please note that a portfolio is compulsory and it should contain samples of recent projects.

The application process is quick and we will contact you within a few hours after receiving your e-mail.