Explore how Shout works in your industry

Target with laser precision

When posting content, you can specify the age range, gender, language and the location of your audience.

Reach your local customers

Post content to prospective customers without the need for followers. On Shout, everything is happening in your area and in real time.

Your Brand Front and Centre

Customise your profile nearly to the level of a white label product. Use your own colour scheme and even professional vector graphics.

Retail and services

Shout increases your footfall and revenue by enabling you to promote flash sale deals, highlights and store events to the users in the area. At the same time, Shout completely removes the need for followers as the content is being shared in your location.

In addition to mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can use our app for TV screens to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Whether you are an independent store or a shopping mall, Shout can improve your local presence and brand visibility.

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Events and venues

Shout adds value to events and conferences by creating real-time communication channel between organisers, visitors and delegates. It enables you to post updates on sessions and agenda trough the mobile app and app for TV screens. Shout also allows visitors to post content, network or engage with exhibitors. Your attendees will always know what’s on, both at the venue and outside, including restaurants, bars and entertainment.

Commercial and residential spaces

Shout brings life to your property by connecting it with the outside world and by enabling to create a local community. If you want to increase footfall in your building, Shout is a perfect tool to locally promote your events and activities. In addition, it creates real-time communication channel for your tenants, residents and guests. Whether it’s a birthday party, yoga class or somebody just needs to borrow a USB charger, these conversations can happen instantly.

Tech Incubator
Tech Incubator • 4 days left

Feeling tired and stiff after long day at work? Join us for a yoga session this Thursday at 6:30pm in the event space! Bring comfy clothing and a good attitude!


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