Front-end Web Developer – Junior/Graduate

Start date: July 2019 (flexible)
Deadline for applications: 28th of June 2019
Role type: full-time
Remuneration: competitive; dependent on the candidate’s experience
Specialisation: it is possible to specialise in design, UX or web engineering.
Key technologies: HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, React, Bootstrap
Location: Manchester, England

Role description

This role is a great opportunity to quickly jump into the world of web development and become a professional software engineer/designer. You will be part of a highly skilled team formed of former employees of Microsoft, Google and such likes. Our official partners include respected organisations, including Tim Berners-Lee founded Open Data Institute.

Our approach is to build your role around your interests rather than to change your interests to fit the role. You will be able to specialise in design, UX or web engineering. Similarly, we will consider the full spectrum of skills you could bring to the team. Even though knowledge of TypeScript and React is desired, we’re keen to accept candidates with all sorts of professional backgrounds.


At Shout, web technologies play an important role. Whether is our Web Dashboard, company website, TV app or even some elements of our mobile apps – they all rely on web front-end. And we’re in love with the web – we can spend hours talking about Promises, SVG internals or Grid Layouts. The irony is that even though the team has a very strong background in web design and engineering, the mobile application requires these days a lot of attention and we have only a very little time left for the web. Just look at our website – ehm, ehm! And here is where you come to the story.

We’re expanding our front-end team and the number one requirement is an attention to detail. We will provide to the new hires a comprehensive initial training, which will involve everything from colour schemes and web semantics all the way to asynchronous programming in TypeScript. You will be able to specialise in (at least) one of the following topics and have working knowledge of the rest:

  • Web Design (UI, visual design and layouts)
  • User Experience
  • Web Engineering

Your primary agenda will be to develop and continuously improve our web-based applications. You will be part of the entire development cycle – from requirements gathering and feature planning to publishing a new version of the web app.

Essential skills and requirements

  • Portfolio of extracurricular software projects.
  • In-depth knowledge of core W3C web technologies, especially HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Excellent knowledge of modern JavaScript, including ECMAScript 2017.
  • Strong sense for pixel-perfect design and aesthetics.

Desired skills

  • Working knowledge of TypeScript.
  • Experience with at least one SPA framework, such as React.
  • Background in computer graphics and/or visual design.
  • Experience with Unit Testing.
  • Fluency in Git (GitHub).

Extras and perks

  • Control over your role and real impact in the company.
  • Mentoring by a skilled team and a complete initial training.
  • Company-provided MacBook Pro and 28-inch 4K external display.
  • Company-provided smartphone of your (reasonable) choice, such as iPhone XS or Google Pixel 3.
  • Young and friendly team who likes to travel and organises company trips.
  • City centre location within a creative co-working space.
  • Product discounts at Hatch retailers.

How to apply

Candidates are welcome to send their CVs together with links to examples from their professional portfolio to Please note that a portfolio is compulsory and it should contain samples of recent projects.

The application process is quick and we will contact you within a few hours after receiving your e-mail.